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Socio emote commands list

Here is the complete list of Socio emote commands can be used in chatrooms and in private chat. /agree **[username] couldnโ€™t agree more** – 1 **[username] agrees** << simple – 2 **[username] absolutely agrees with [target]** /amaze **[username] is totally amazed!** **[username] is amazed by [username], canโ€™t believe it!** /angry **[username] raises the fist anger** […]

New Game – Social War

The Social War game we all been waiting for is here. Hence, it is time to kill the enemies and destroy the targets! ๐‘ญ.๐‘จ.๐‘ธ ๐‡๐จ๐ฐ ๐ญ๐จ ๐‰๐จ๐ข๐ง & ๐’๐ญ๐š๐ซ๐ญ ๐’๐จ๐ข๐œ๐š๐ฅ ๐–๐š๐ซ? /๐˜€๐˜„ ๐˜€ for starting the Social War .๐—ท ๐—ฎ (For joining Team A) or .๐—ท ๐—ฏ (For joining Team B) ๐‡๐จ๐ฐ ๐ญ๐จ ๐จ๐ฉ๐ž๐ง ๐ฐ๐ž๐š๐ฉ๐จ๐ง […]

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