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In this technology-driven world, where smartphones play a very essential role and become a part of our lives. We (as of 21st Century Generation) cannot imagine a LIFE without connecting with friends, family and the World. Therefore, it has become more of a fashion to socialize online than a necessity. In this World of 21st Century, everyone despite their age is looking to connect via Social Media as their primary source for interaction and communication. In such an era, a breakthrough idea was born and then we believe that we can do better by introducing a platform targeting both young and old alike. Hence, we are introducing an instant chatting messenger Socio.

What is Socio Chat?

Socio Chat is an open fan-based social-entertainment platform with instant messaging which allows its users to chat with the one and all – anytime anywhere. It has multiple chat rooms where new friends from other communities, cultures, and countries could be made in a free zone environment – where fun is all, what is desired. The friends can share photos of their treasured memories, put up fun-filled statuses and live a frivolous social life. Socio offers users to send/receive instant messages, virtual attacks, and exchange virtual gifts with each other in a joyful atmosphere. The attacks are to tease other friends and users in the chatroom. However, if these teasing are undesirable, one can always freeze and disconnect the other.

At Socio Chat, we are dedicated to offer an environment where our users can chat, connect and interact safely with each other. With the help of our new feature “Friend Finder” you will able to find new people around the globe, who share your interest, and wants to chat now! You will able to interact with them instant messages as well as “Voice Messages”, which is more fun and absolutely free.

With Socio people gets social to one another!
From free instant messages to photo sharing and voice messages to friend finder wherein all the fun with all your loved ones will be provided.

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