Frequently Asked Questions

What is Socio Chat?

Socio Chat is an open fan-based social-entertainment platform that offers chat, content and many other services. It enables users to send/receive messages, virtual attacks, and exchange virtual gifts with each other.

How to Download/Update Socio Chat?

To Download/Update Socio Chat:

  • To download Android: Open the Play Store, then tap the SEARCH Bar and search for Socio Chat. Tap INSTALL next to Socio Chat to download and install.
  • To update Android: Open the Play Store, then tap the Menu > My apps & games. Tap UPDATE next to Socio Chat.

How much does it cost?

The Socio Chat application is free to download and use. It only requires a data connection and a working mobile device off-course, LOL.

How do I register my Socio account?

To register your Socio Chat account:

Open Socio Chat application, click JOIN button and follow the instructions. It will ask you to enter:

  • USERNAME (a username should be unique, as it represents you in Socio Chat)
  • EMAIL ADDRESS (please enter a valid email address, as you will receive an activation email)
  • PASSWORD (we always recommend a strong password, using alphanumeric)
  • Male or Female (select your Gender)
  • REFERRAL (if any referrer)

We request Socio users to read our TOS before they proceed to Sign Up.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

Open Socio Chat application and click LOGIN button, there you will see an option for FORGOT PASSWORD? Enter your username there, Hence the instructions for resetting your password will be emailed to address associate with that account.

I cannot verify my account email. Can you help?

We are always there for our Socio users, therefore please send us an email at and include your username and location. We can manually verify users that include all of this information.

P.S: Make sure you send us the email from the same email address associated with that username, which you entered while signing up.

How do I report abusive behavior/content?

If you see inappropriate content or behavior on Socio Chat, please click the “Report Abuse” icon found in the top right-hand corner of the user profile. We will ensure, that no one will violate our Terms of Use.

How do I report a bug?

If you find a bug, we’d love to know! Please email us at and let us know the problem you are facing. It’d be a big help if you could include as much information as possible, including:

  • What kind of device you are using e.g. (make and model)?
  • A screenshot showing the issue.
  • What operating system you are using (for the website)
  • What you did to get the bug.

What if my username is Inactive/Suspended?

Before your login to Socio, we request you to please read our Terms of Use, if your username is suspended and/or inactive by any reason there must be instructions for re-activation. However; you can also Contact Us on this issue.

Using Socio Chat FAQ’s

How to use Socio Chat Application?

At the very outset, We Welcome you to Socio Chat. Our support is full of Frequently Asked Questions to help you out, but here are few basics to get you started after you sign up with us.

Main Screen:

The main screen interface is very user-friendly and easy to understand, the aspects in the main screen are:

Top Menu:

  • Socio Points – It can be seen at the top right-hand side of the main screen, by tapping you can check your activity history about your Socio points. The activity shows how you earning, spending and using the Socio points.
  • Age and Gender – The second thing from right shows your gender and age at Socio. The age represents the elderly of the username; it changes with your activity on Socio chat – how much you are active, etc. and Gender you do select while you sign up with us.
  • Status Message – Socio Chat enables the users to express their feeling by status message. Hence, you can set your status message by tapping right under the username. The status can be anything e.g. how are you feeling today? Motivational Quotes or anything you want to express which don’t violate our Terms of Use.
  • Profile Picture and Presence – One left-hand top you can see your profile picture and presence option, tap the profile photo to change presence e.g. Online, Offline, Busy and Away. You can also set and/or change the profile picture from Gallery but tapping on the edit button right by the profile picture.
    Setting, Notification, and Alerts:

The menu for setting, notifications, and alerts includes:

  • Friend Requests – Any request you receive from other Socio users will show here.
  • Bell Icon – Any activity on your account, will be there. For example, you paid Socio Points for the attack. You have been kicked by someone. ETC.
  • Profile – The profile button enables you to; not to check your profile how many footprints, how many likes and gifts you have received only but you can also change your password and email in there.
  • Settings – This button is for setting up your account; enable/disable Friend Requests, Profile View Privacy and theme mode. You can also check to buy Shields and Social Packs from there.

Friend List, Chatrooms and Chatting Activity

  • Friends List – Here you can search and see how many Socio friends do you have. Tap on Add a Friend button to add new Socio Friend.
  • Chatroom – Swipe right and you will see the list of the chatroom, where you can join and make new friends.
  • Chat activity – you can check your chat activity on this menu, no matter how many windows do you have.

Socio Chat Programs, Ages, Roles, Gifts and Attacks

Socio Chat is an open fan-based social-entertainment platform that offers chat, content and many other services. It enables users to send/receive messages, virtual attacks, and exchange virtual gifts with each other. There are different Roles, ages, virtual gifts and attacks explained below.

What is age?

The age in Socio tells the elderly of a username, it can also consider as level; which means how much a user active in Socio as the prospect of using Socio features e.g. Chatting, Gifting, and attacking. The age of any username change over time, all depends on how much active you in Socio Chat. There are following ages in Socio Chat:

What is Role?

The role explains a Rank of any user in Socio, and each role has its permissions and powers which are off-course define by Socio Staff. These are the following roles/ranks in Socio:

  • User a regular registered user of Socio.
  • Merchant an authorize Socio points supplier.
  • Mentor an authorize Socio points vendor.
  • Admin an authorize user of Socio, who assure that all chatrooms are safe and there is no violation of Socio Terms of Use.
  • Staff The users who are officially working with Socio Chat.

What is Gift?

Socio Chat gives an exclusive feature of Virtual Gift to the users, hence you can exchange virtual gifts with each other Using Socio points. There are many gifts enlisted e.g. Heart, Kiss, Heart Diamond, Red Flower, and many more. You can check your gifts in your profile and these gifts would able to redeem into different items in a future update.

What are the Socio Attacks?

Socio is a social fan-based entertaining application, therefore to keep our users entertained – Socio has different attack features that can be launch on other users. For example, attacks include Super Kick Attack, Multi Super Kick Attack, Freeze Attack, and Disconnect attack. Socio will introduce many more different attacks for sure incoming updates.

What is Merchant and Mentor Program?

Socio offers mentorship and Merchantship to Socio users, by availing these programs you can not only enjoy Socio Chat but earn also. The programs are explained below:

Mentorship – you can buy Socio mentorship, by buying Socio points in bulk from us. The mentors can only sale Socio points to their registered Merchants.

Merchantship – Merchants can be registered only by their Mentors, hence they can sale the Socio points to normal users.

For any further questions please feel free to contact us at We will be more than happy to help our valuable users.

Socio Team

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