Socio emote commands list

Here is the complete list of Socio emote commands can be used in chatrooms and in private chat.

  1. /agree

**[username] couldn’t agree more** – 1

**[username] agrees** << simple – 2

**[username] absolutely agrees with [target]**

  1. /amaze

**[username] is totally amazed!**

**[username] is amazed by [username], can’t believe it!**

  1. /angry

**[username] raises the fist anger**

**[username] shakes the mighty fist in anger at [target]**

  1. /apologize

**[username] sincerely apologizes to everyone**

**[username] apologizes to [target] whole-heartedly**

  1. /applaud

**[username] gives a round of applause**

**[username] gives a BIG! round of applause for [target]**

  1. /attack

**[username] is ready to attack, Let’s GO!**

**[username] tells everyone to attack [target], No Mercy!**

  1. /bite

**[username] looks around for someone to bite!**

**[username] bites [target] on the leg!**

  1. /blush

**[username] blushes profusely**

**[username] blushes at [target] lovingly!**

  1. /boggle

**[username] boggles, shaking the head & looking confused**

**[username] boggles at [target]. shaking the head & looking confused**

  1. /bore

**[username] is overcome with boredom. Oh the drudgery!**

**[username] is terribly bored by [target]**

  1. /bounce

**[username] bounces with excitement**

**[username] bounces up and down in front of [target], How exciting!**

  1. /bow

**[username] bows down graciously**

**[username] bows down before [target] in courtesy!**

  1. /brb

**[username] will be right back**

  1. /bravo

**[username] applauds. Bravo!**

**[username] applauds at [target]. Bravo!**

  1. /burp

**[username] lets out a loud belch, Oops sorry!**

**[username] burps rudely in [target] face. I’m so sorry!!**

  1. /bye

**[username] waves goodbye to everyone. Astalavista!**

**[username] waves goodbye to [target]. Farewell!**

  1. /cackle

**[username] cackles gleefully!**

**[username] cackles maniacally at [target]**

  1. /calm

**[username] looks calm and peaceful**

**[username] tries to calm [target] down**

  1. /chuckle

**[username] lets out a hearty chuckle**

**[username] chuckles at [target]**

  1. /cheer

**[username]s cheers***

**[username] erupts in cheer for [target]**

  1. /cough

**[username] lets out a hacking cough**

**[username] coughs at [target]**

  1. /cuddle

**[username] needs to cuddle up a little, Anyone around?**

**[username] picks [target] up, swung round and gives a big cuddle**

  1. /crack

**[username] cracks the knuckles**

**[username] cracks the knuckles while staring at [target]**

  1. /congrats

**[username] congrats everyone, Well done!**

**[username] congrats [target], I’m happy for you!**



  1. /confuse

**[username] is hopelessly confused**

**[username] looks at [target] with confused face**

  1. /cry

**[username] is crying out loud**

**[username] is crying over [target] shoulder**

  1. /cringe

**[username] cringes in fear**

**[username] cringes away from [target]**

  1. /dance

**[username] burst into dance, who’s with me?**

**[username] grabs hold of [target], pulls closer – “Dance with me, my Cutipie**

  1. /drool

**[username] drools like a monster**

**[username] looks at [target] and begins to drool all over. YUCKZ!

  1. /doom

**[username] threatens everyone with the wrath of doom**

**[username] threatens [target] with the wrath of doom**

  1. /drink

**[username] raises a drink in the air and saya. Cheers!**

**[username] raises a drink to [target]. Cheers!**

  1. /disappoint

**[username] is sorely disappointed**

**[username] frowns with disappointment at [target]**

  1. /duck

**[username] ducks for cover.**

**[username]s ducks behind [target]**

  1. /drunk

**[username] says I’m too drunk, I guess!**

  1. /eye

**[username] raises an eyebrow inquiringly**

**[username] raises an eyebrow at [target]**

  1. /fart

**[username] farts out loud, Whew… what stinks?**

**[username] brushes up against [target] and farts loudly!**


  1. /flirt

**[username] feels like to flirt around**

**[username] flirts with [target]Beauty!**

  1. /faint

**[username] is going to faint**

**[username]s gives a faint smile at [target]**

  1. /frenchkiss

**[username] gives [target] a deep and passionate lip-lock, seems to go forever**

  1. /frown

**[username] frowns fiercely**

**[username] frowns at [target] with disappointment**

  1. /food

**[username] is hungry!**

**[username] is hungry. Maybe [target] has some food.**

  1. /giggle

**[username] giggles nervously**

**[username] giggles at [target], Don’t believe me!**

  1. /greet

**[username] greets everyone warmly**

**[username] flies around to greet [target], Welcome!**

  1. /glad

**[username] is filled with happiness**

**[username] is glad to see [target]**

  1. /grin

**[username] grins wickedly**

**[username]s gives [target] a wicked grin**

  1. /groan

**[username] begins to groan Loudly!**

**[username] looks at [target] and groan Loudly**

  1. /growl

**[username] growls menacingly. A’oOoOOo!!**

**[username] growls at [target] menacingly**

  1. /glare

**[username] glares angrily**

**[username] glares at [target] angrily, That’s not Funny!**


  1. /happy

**[username] is so Happy!!**

**[username] is very happy with [target]**

  1. /hello /hi

**[username] greets everyone with a hearty HELLO!**

**[username] greets [target] with a hearty HELLO!**

  1. /Highfive

**[username] raises the hands for a High Five. Yahoo!!**

**[username] gives [target] a big High Five. Hurray!!**

  1. /help

**[username] calls out for help**

**[username] request [target] for help. Please!**

  1. /hug

**[username] wants a hug**

**[username]s hugs [target]. Lovingly!**

  1. /incoming

**[username] warns everyone for the incoming attacks**

**[username] warns [target] for the incoming attack. BEWARE!**

  1. /JK

**[username] was JUST KIDDING!**

**[username] was JUST KIDDING with [target]**

  1. /joy

**[username] says, there is no JOY left in life**

**[username] feels joyful with [target]**

  1. /kiss

**[username] blows a flying-kiss. Who’s there to catch?**

**[username] blows a kiss to [target]. Catch it**

  1. /kneel

**[username] kneels **

**[username] kneels before [target] in humility & reverence.**

  1. /laugh

**[username] burst out laughing**

**[username] is laughing at [target]. You’re so funny!!**

  1. /lost

**[username] looks completely lost**

**[username] is completely lost in [target] eyes. So Deep!**


  1. /listen

**[username] says listening is a skill too.**

**[username] is listening [target] very carefully**

  1. /loser

**[username] shouts. Huh! Who’s Loser now?**
**[username] calls [target] – UNCLE LOSER!!**

  1. /lick

**[username] is licking around. Yuckies!!!**

**[username] licks [target] lips.**

  1. /lag

**[username] is lagging too much. LAGMONSTER on strike!**

  1. /love

**[username] is feeling in love with someone**

**[username] pulls [target] closer & whispers the three lovely gems. “I Love You!”**

  1. /massage

**[username] needs a massage!**

**[username] massages [target] shoulders. Keep Calm!**

  1. /moo

**[username] moOoOoos like a COW!**

**[username] moos at [target]MoOoooo!**

  1. /openfire

**[username] gives order to OPENFIRE!**

**[username] asks [target] to OPENFIRE. No Mercy!**

  1. /phew

**[username] goes Phew, that was a relief**

  1. /pinch

**[username] takes a pinch of snuff, and sneeze. ACHAWW!**

**[username] pinches [target]. OUCHH!!**

  1. /panic

**[username] runs around in frenzy state of panic**

**[username] takes one look at [target] and panic. MONSTER!**

  1. /plead

**[username] drops on the knees and pleading for desperation**

**[username] pleads with [target]**



  1. /purr

**[username] purrs like a kitten. Meowww!**

**[username] purrs at [target]Meawww**

  1. Puzzle

**[username] is puzzled. What’s going on here?**

**[username] is puzzled by [target]. What’s the matter with you?**

  1. /poke

**[username] pokes [target]in the ribs. Oops!**

  1. /ready

**[username] is ready for action. Let’s bring it on!**

**[username] is asking [target]. Are you Ready?**

  1. /regret

**[username] is filled with deep regret.**

**[username] thinks [target] will regret it**

  1. /roar

**[username] roars like a lion. So Fierce!**

**[username]s roars with bestial vigor at [target]**

  1. /rofl

**[username] is rolling on the floor laughing. Hahaha!**

**[username] is rolling on the floor laughing at [target]. Hahaha!**

  1. /rose

**[username] is holding a red deep rose. Who wants it?**

**[username] gives [target] a deep Red Rose, while looking deep in the eyes. It’s for you Only!**

  1. /relax

**[username] says to relax, I’ve got this.**

**[username] tells [target] to relax and calm down**

  1. /salute

**[username] stands at attention and Salute!**

**[username] salutes [target] with respect. Bravo!**

  1. /shiver

**[username] shivers. Brrrrrrrrrr!**

**[username] shivers beside [target]. Chilling!**

  1. /shoo

**[username] shoos the measly pest away**

**[username] shoos [target] away. Be gone pest!!**


  1. /sexy

**[username] is too sexy for your tunic…. So sexy it hurts!**

**[username] thinks [target] is a sexy devil**

  1. /sad

**[username] hangs the head dejectedly! Soo Sad**

**[username] asks [target], are you lonely & sad?**

  1. /shy

**[username] shies away from everyone**

**[username] is so shy of [target]. Wanna hide in the Corna!**

  1. /Sigh

**[username] lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.!!!!!**

**[username] sighs at [target]. Clearly disappointed!**

  1. /slap

**[username] says you slapped a wrong person!**

**[username] pulls up [target] by the arm and slaps hard across the face. Ouch…!!**

  1. /spit

**[username] spits on all of your graves. Whatever!!**

**[username] spits on [target] grave. You deserve it!**

  1. /stare

**[username] continues to stare at everyone**

**[username] stares [target] blankly. Are we gonna talk or just stare?**

  1. /stink

**[username] smells the air around. Wow. Someone stinks!**

**[username]s smells [target]. Oh Gosh, You stink High Heaven!!**

  1. /Surprised

**[username] is so surprised. Cannot believe!**

**[username] is surprised by [target]. Is it for Real!?**

  1. /surrender

**[username] surrenders to everyone**

**[username] before [target]. Such is the agony of defeat.!**

  1. /sorry

**[username] is extremely sorry**

**[username] bids sorry to [target]. Forgive me!**

  1. /sneeze

**[username] sneezes. Bless you**


  1. /snore

**[username] is asleep and snoring out load – Bzzzzz…**

  1. /taunt

**[username] taunts everyone around. Bring it fools!**

**[username] makes a taunting gesture at [target]. Bring it on!**

  1. /thank

**[username] thanks everyone around**

**[username] thanks [target]Thank You!**

  1. /thirsty

**[username] is so thirsty. Can anyone buy me a drink?**

**[username] to [target]- buy a drink mate. I’m so thirsty!!**

  1. /tickle

**[username] tickles everyone. Hee Hee!**

**[username] tickles [target]. Hehehehe!!**

  • /victory

**[username] basks in the glory of victory**

**[username] basks in the glory of victory with [target]**

  • /wait

**[username] asks everyone to wait. Hold your horses!**

**[username] asks [target] to wait. Hold on!**

  1. /welcome

**[username] welcomes everyone**

**[username] welcome [target]. Welcome In.**

  • /whistle

**[username] blows a high-pitched whistle. fffwwww!!!**

**[username] blows a whistle at [target]. What’s up Sexc!**

  1. /whoa

**[username] is blown away**

**[username] is blown away by [target]**

  • /wink

**[username] winks slyly. Ooooooo…**

**[username] winks slyly at [target]. Ooooo…**

  1. /yawn

**[username] opens the mouth wide and yawn – Sleepy!!**

**[username] yawns rudely in [target] face. Oops. I’m so sleepy!**

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